Ankit Banerjee is an independent artist, self-taught photographer, and a musician. Although he aspired to become a full time musician in his teens, a camera fell on his head and he suddenly discovered the ability to channel his creativity and capture his self-expression. Setting out on small paid gigs and shuffling across multiple borrowed cameras, he continued to explore various genres of photography: product, travel, architecture, weddings, performances and corporate events. Over the past decade, he has worked extensively in domains of portraiture, fashion & lifestyle brands, across various spaces.

Realising the power of his myriad interests, Ankit indulges in production of podcasts to satiate his love for conversations and soundscapes. Additionally, a B.Sc in Economics and Statistics from St. Joseph’s College has enabled him to widen his sensitivity and awareness of everyday life, and make more informed creative decisions meticulously. Engaging with photography as a livelihood amidst the noise of technology and the rampant internet life, he feels the need to revive the intent behind the photograph, which is increasingly disappearing. Ankit is trapped in the virtuous cycle of learning more, realising how less he knows, so he learns more, resulting in a way for him to emote and access varied walks of life. As a part of his personal artistic exploration, Ankit is committed to create work that deals with the fragility of human relationships and sexuality.

Curriculum vitae, 2021.

Ankit has been published by The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, and The Times of India; The Alipore Post, Homegrown, Architectural Digest, Under25 Club, EyeEm Magazine, The Print Swap, Pornceptual, and COCOON Art Magazine. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he has relocated to his Bangalore home to be close to his parents and his cat, where he continues to produce music and cook yummy food.

Ankit is keen on taking up commissioned projects for brands and documenting everyday life for families, so drop him a message!


October 2019 - Raj Lalwani on 'Bombay by Night', Mumbai

September 2019 - Vineet Vohra on Street Photography, Indian Photo Festival, Hyderabad

June 2019 - 13JARA Collective / Valentina Abenavoli on ZINES OR BOOKS, Cona Foundation, Mumbai

August 2017 - Studio Goppo / Arpan Mukherjee on Alternate Process Photography, Shantiniketan


2022 - Inception Grant, STIR by Art Incept, New Delhi

2019 - Milaap Foundation Sister Library fundraiser, Ahmedabad & Bangalore.

2018 - Bengaluru Pride Carnival fundraiser, Bangalore

2017 - #NowGrowingEXPOSURE, Koramangala Social, Bangalore (curator)

2015 - Solo exhibition in Bangalore.

Untitled photo

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